Senior Data Engineer


Our partner is a fast growing Tech organization operating in Africa. We are looking for an individual who has deep interest and passion for technology and loves designing, coding, and owning large scale systems while working with people who will keep challenging you at every stage. You also have strong problem solving, analytic, decision-making, and excellent communication abilities with interpersonal skills.


● Build and maintain core data platforms as part of the enterprise data organisation.

● Build and maintain data lakes, data warehouses & data services.

● Identify, analyse and integrate various data source systems being used across the organisation.

● Handle all data related activities such as data parsing, cleansing, quality definitions, pipelining, storage, maintenance of ETL scripts etc.

● Support in building complex queries required by the product, business & analysis teams.

● Manage deployment of analytics programs, machine learning and statistical methods.

● Communicate high-level and low level technical details effectively across disciplines, locations, and organizations, including senior leadership.

● Ensure the quality of architecture and design of data platforms & systems.

● Functionally decompose complex problems into simple, straight-forward solutions.

● Fully and completely understand system interdependencies and limitations.

● Leverage knowledge of internal and industry in best practices and design decisions.

● Proven team leadership, interpersonal skills, and ability to get things done


● 6+ years prior experience in software product development.

● 3+ years prior experience in principal or architect, or a similar role.

● 5+ years of experience building data services & platforms (data warehouses / lakes)

● Strong experience in one programming language.

● Strong experience in architecting and building distributed data platforms / systems.

● Technical expertise with data ETL, data analysis, data models, data mining

● Strong knowledge of cloud technologies like AWS/Google Cloud/Azure

● Proficient with BigData, Hadoop, OLTP, OLAP, and NoSQL Databases

● Strong knowledge of data store designs, data modeling, and SQL queries.

● Strong knowledge of one or more big data processing stacks

● Experience working on one or more large scale data platforms.

● Driving Non-Functional Requirements

● Experience in handling complex production issues.

Good to have

● Experience in R, Tableau, Talend, Pentaho, Python, Spark or any good framework.

● Knowledge of B2B & B2C retail eCommerce

● Experience developing, maintaining, and innovating large scale, consumer-facing web applications.

● DevOps mindset.

● Experience in data science, ML, AI is a plus.