Frequently Asked Questions

Where WorkWester is located?

WorkWester is a Remote-First company, headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA.

What does WorkWester do?

WorkWester has two business lines: Outsourcing and Recruitment services.

Outsourcing services: We provide Engineering-As-A-Service to organizations by supplying the best software engineering talent. We are bridging the gap between the high technical demand and brilliant Market Qualified Leads.

Recruitment services: help our partners to find the right talent by conducting effective sourcing and screening processes using our premium sourcing tools and subject matter expertise.

We have a large network of 3500+ Experienced Software Engineers distributed across different countries and regions, ready to dedicate 40 hrs/week for our partners.

What differentiates WorkWester from other companies?

Quality and Speed:WorkWester aspires to achieve optimum partner experience by ensuring quality, speed, and cost effectiveness.

Diversified Services: We provide both outsourcing and tech recruitment services to meet our partners business needs.

Competitive Pricing: 

  • Recruitment services: We charge a fixed-fee of 1 month salary, while others charge up to 30% of the annual gross package.

  • Outsourcing services: We offer monthly competitive rates depending on tech stack, location, and seniority level, while others are charging much higher.

How do you ensure the quality of your engineers?

We only hire engineers with strong technical backgrounds with proven track records. All the candidates go through a smart vetting process to assess their technical and cultural backgrounds.